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Who we are

A tight-knit and professional group that sees itself and its clients as a family rather than as an organization. Established in November 2021, Calledout Sports is based in the United Kingdom but operates on a global scale. Our multilingual and knowledgeable group aspires to represent athletes from all corners of the world. We like to think of ourselves as an agency without borders. 

Our team consists of several ex-professional athletes and scouts with decades of experience in the world of professional sports. Who better to guide a young athlete than veterans who have been there before? We seek to be an agency that is truly for athletes, by athletes. 

What we do

First and foremost, we represent our clients as if they were part of our family. Because they are. We have first-hand experience being represented by industry-leading sports agencies and we’ve seen the good side and the bad side of the business. We know what athletes want and need because we’ve lived it. 

Currently, we represent elite talent from the worlds of football and basketball. As we grow, we anticipate taking on athletes from all sports in every market. Our goal is to be one of the world’s foremost talent agencies and one of the first to do it utilizing ex-professional athletes and scouts as the primary support for current athletes. 

Why should you
choose Calledout Sports?

Only one type of person in this world can understand how difficult it is to be a professional athlete: an ex-professional athlete. Our personal touch is different from that of a consultant who has never set foot on a pitch or court. We know and have experienced the unimaginable highs and lows of being thrust into performing on a global stage. Whatever you are going through as an athlete, we have been there before and know exactly what you need to continue to perform at your best. 

Our services

Career Planning

When you are a client of Calledout Sports, nothing is more important to us than your career plan. We have seen so many great talents fail to reach their potential because of poor management and questionable career decisions. We will work directly with both you and your family to find the best life balance for you, on and off the field. This includes services like experienced mentoring from true ex-professional athletes who have experienced the struggles of separating public and private lives. You have set yourself up for a magnificent career; let us be the ones to help guide you through it. 

Post-Career Planning

Again, who better to advise you on your post-career life than those who are actually living their post-career lives? Your playing career is a surprisingly small segment of your life, so dealing with the aftermath of being a professional athlete is a difficult adjustment for most to make. We will utilize our strong network of contacts within the sports world to ensure that you have every opportunity to continue your successful transition into your post-career. Whether you want to stay within the industry or hang out on a beach for the rest of your years, we will do everything in our power to make it happen. 

Employment Contract Negotiations

We will be at bat for every single contract you are negotiating. You are our client, and we want only the best possible outcome for you, whether it is signing the next big contract or appearing in a sponsorship commercial. Our team has many years of experience in negotiating their own professional contracts, as well as a working knowledge of the legal system. This will help us leverage the best possible outcome for you and your family. Our unique industry experience truly allows us to provide a tailored service for each client we represent. 

Marketing and Sponsorships

Aside from your God-given talents, the most important thing about being a professional athlete is your brand. Building a strong brand is the first step towards improving your sponsorships and monetizing your off-field personality. Like we said, your playing career is a very short stretch of your life. You will spend most of your life as a former professional athlete, so we want you to be just as valuable to your sponsors after your career is over. 

Social Media Management

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your career that we will help you with, social media management is critical to building a strong brand for yourself. Our social media team has the experience and industry knowledge to ensure that your social media presence is both engaging and, most important of all, appropriate. Today’s athletes can use social media to provide their fanbase with a controlled look into their private lives. It is a direct platform that the player can utilize to speak directly to their fans. We can ensure that you do so in a professional and safe manner. 

In-House Legal Advice

Our in-house legal team can advise you on legal matters with the strictest professionalism and confidentiality. Keeping this team in-house is crucial to our agency. When multiple firms are handling sensitive information, there are too many ways for private information to leak. With our team, everything stays within the walls of Calledout Sports. Therefore, you have full confidence that your issues are our issues as well. 

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